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I used this title because, for reasons I can't remember, it's a word that is written at the top of the page I wrote on September 6, and it kind of sounds poetic in itself. Anyway, these are a few of my favorite blurbs from these last few months. I won't type everything out now, because there's quite a bit.

"In the end, everything hurts. Everything ends."

"You swear it's the gift of life, but you never really gave me anything useful."

"You were just a filler in my life."

"It all starts to well up until dams break and cities flood, and everything needs to be rebuilt, but is never truly at its original state. Memories linger and history in written in stone, never forgotten."

"We may have been an empire once, but now I believe we're simply lost in the ruins, the original interpretation of our struggles completely forgotten."

"Turn on the lamp, erase some shadows, and that's a smile, not a scowl."

"There's chaos and destruction inside of absolutely everything."

"And eventually, the sun sets on all four corners of the world, and we're eventually alone."

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