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Duely Noted

I am in the process of starting a new blog. This one won't be deleted and the new one will still be hosted on Blogger, but I want something fresh. This blog goes all the way back to 2008 and has a lot of things on it that are so far in the past that when I took the time to read them yesterday I felt like they were written by a stranger.

My life is obviously changing right now, and I feel like I'm starting a completely new book, rather than just another chapter in my old one. Because of this, I've decided that this is what I want to do.

Work with me as I create the new location: Duely Noted. (PS: I know that "Duely" isn't spelled correctly - at least according to new English - but the proper spelling was taken and I felt like I liked this better anyway.)


She lives!

I have things that I should say and that I want to say, but that I don't know how to properly put into sentences.

I haven't posted in a while. I've been all over the place, especially inside my own head.

I am 20 weeks pregnant as of two days ago, and my baby kicks like there's a party going on. And I'm the neighbor, getting no warning on when it's gonna get wild 0r when it's going to completely die down (which will unfailingly be the case whenever I'm trying to show Boyfriend). Nope, I just feel the effects dulled by this layer between us.

It's magical, though, in all honesty. It feels really odd and I wish I could explain it properly to Daniel, who is increasingly jealous that I get to be the one who gets to experience it firsthand. I'm sure he's grateful he doesn't have to put up with all of the bad parts, though. Sometimes I think that feeling these movements is the only part of this that doesn't completely suck, but I'm beginning to feel more positive about the whole thing now that I'm regaining some of my energy. I know I'll hate it again later, don't worry. In fact, that's probably not far off now that I'm also beginning to feel like the most unattractive thing that ever existed. Luckily I have the greatest guy ever reminding me that he finds me beautiful, even if I don't particularly agree.

Let's see here: I've been spending a ton of time around CJ, my dad's newest daughter, who will be a month old on the 8th, and Boyfriend is going to get to meet her for the first time tomorrow.  My next ultrasound is on the 30th of this month, and so I finally get to find out what this baby is - then we can finally get planning for its arrival started. Well, more on track, because it's already kind of started. Anyway.

School is out and so I'm just trying to entertain myself, which is hard. Things are boring. I've been reading a lot. My sister is out of school on the 8th and then I'll actually begin moving to the apartment. I can't wait!

More eventually, I'll try not to disappear for an entire month. Until then, have a wonderful everything.