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Well tonight I'm absolutely bored and right now Troy's busy playing COD, so I thought I might post something. You know, just because I can. And really, I still have nothing to say, but maybe that's because there's really so much to say.

I don't write much anymore, which I think I said, I can't really remember. Besides for homework. There's been plenty of that lately, and I honestly couldn't be happier that it's finally summer time. I know I shouldn't be taking summers off because I'm in college now, but I don't care. I need my vacation or I go insane.

Also, it doesn't even feel like summer. Seriously, this is California, guys. We're supposedly known for fit blondes and beaches, and plenty of sun. But no, we've been back and forth between rain and intense heat for weeks now. And I, for one, am getting really fed up. I won't complain too much that I'm not dying of heat exhaustion right this second, but I really can't handle the bipolarity of this situation. Is bipolarity a word? I hope so, because it sounds pretty bad-ass.


This is probably going to be a ramble.

The sucky thing about being a writer is that sometimes there just really isn't anything to say. While sometimes that's because there's actually a ton and you just want to avoid it, there's often times that there's sincerely nothing, even though you truly do want to write - about, god, just anything. And in all reality, it's been a while since I've written for me; lately I've been cranking out papers for classes, I've been helping to edit Troy's, and that's really all I've had time for when it comes to the subject. Now here I am, two days before I have absolutely nothing to do but laze around for a few months, and I can't think of an interesting topic to start off on. Dear lord, this is looking like a ramble already.