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About Me

Hi, let’s be best friends. Except you might want to know some stuff about me first because I'll be expecting good birthday presents.

- I'm Taylor, but seriously, you can just do the "Tay" thing. I know, my name's pretty boring either in true form or shortened. You can make up something totally badass to call me instead, I don't mind.

- I love to write and have been doing so since about the fifth grade. I started out with nothing but short stories and the first one I ever finished was about meeting my baby brother for the first time.

- My first time tackling poetry was in the summer before my seventh grade year and it was terrible. I thought it was brilliant. I grew up with a lot of cousins around my age and sisters that weren't much younger than me, and immediately after performing a reading for them every single female collectively decided that they loved writing, too. I wanted to punch them.

- I took my first creative writing class my senior year of high school and I loved it. I still have the notebook filled with my responses to the prompts we were given every morning that I can't bring myself to throw away. Because of this class I entered into an actual poetry reading. I got stage fright and didn't show up and a classmate ended up having to recite the poem for me. Oops.

- I wrote on my high school newspaper during my senior year and have always wanted to join the class at my college, but I don't have the courage to face better writers than me.

- I own way too many books and yet hardly ever read anymore. But when I do get into a book, don't expect to see me until it's finished.

- I'm ridiculously short. 5'3"? Stop laughing.

- I used to play the violin and the guitar but I stopped playing both and now I can't remember how. It makes me sad when I think about it.

- Sometimes when I'm in public places I'll have conversations with myself in my head and then when me and myself have come to a conclusion I realize that it was actually happening out loud the whole time.

- I love my camera even if it isn't the best one out there, and I take it out often when I remember to charge it. I took the photo that is currently being used for my header.

- I've never used the white crayon.

- There's this guy that I used to be pretty good friends with but that disappeared from my life for a good 2-3 years. We just happened to have made plans with the same friend on the same night and ended up in the field behind a church (don't ask). We ended up talking about everything we used to do together, everything we had done apart, even things that we had never had the chance to share before. It was maybe 3 in the morning when the friend that picked us up finally found his car keys (we had lost them somewhere in the field) and we decided it was time to go ahead and head home. And now I couldn't live without this guy. I'm pretty sure he's the best thing that's ever happened to me.

- I'm currently trying to accept a transition in the mommy stage as I'm pregnant and due October of this year. :) I'm more excited than I expected to be and I couldn't have asked for a more supportive and eager partner. And so what if I'm only 20? I don't see a problem.

- And actually, that birthday present? Just give me cash. Thanks, best friend.

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