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Something's bothering me and I have no idea what it is.

Decided to spend more time with more friends and that's my only explanation for my most recent absence. Realistically, I'm probably taking another turn toward disappearance, but I'm really hoping not.

I have such terrible insomnia.


  1. Hi! This is Tara (museofmyself) - I totally understand your insomnia trouble. I have it myself more often than not. I hope you're able to sleep tonight. :)
    Um, how come you deleted your comment on my FO entry? I'm confused.

  2. Ah, I think it's because I saw the date on it and thought that you either weren't active anymore or I had the wrong entry. The FO entries are new to me, haha. Sorry about that.

  3. Or the dates on the comments because your entry totally has a future date. I don't know what happened, but I think it was something like that. :P

  4. Ha! No worries. I just started looking back over all the entries on the jokes community trying to figure out which one I left a comment on. Still haven't found it!
    Anyway, since you haven't removed me from your friends list, and you seem like a cool chick, are you still interested in being LJ friends?

  5. I don't even remember which one it was.
    And yeah, definitely. :)

  6. I am such an icon whore. Icon addict? Whatever. You know what I mean. I like yours, too. It's kind of nice to see every time you post a comment! :)

  7. I used to be as well, mostly because of my days on the HP boards (Harry Potter...I'm not sure if you'd have known :P).
    I love this icon. I just couldn't resist using it when I saw it, it makes me feel so good every time I post, haha.


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