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Let's be blunt.

She's just leaned over my shoulder and asked me why everything's so fucked up, as if I ever knew the answers.

I just say life is a fucking maze of things we don't want to come across in the dark, and we're trying to get through it with as little problem possible. Besides, we've never really had anything good to say. Now we're just keeping our mouths shut now to save the trouble.

She says that's the saddest thing she's ever heard.

It might be. I mean, maybe we've totally gone off track, fucked everything up, and we're sitting here with nowhere better to be anymore.

I guess life just didn't go the right direction for either of us. Because neither of us are where we thought we'd be way back when we smiled constantly. Way back before our bodies were decaying every day, before the toxins in our systems had us slowing down.

Way back before all of this shit was such a waste of fucking life.

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