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Writer's Block: Carpe Diem

How often do you think about, and plan for, the future? Do you think it ever interferes with your ability to live in the moment?

I'm not sure how to answer this.

One the one hand, I'm always planning things: someday I want to either get out of California or move to a part of the state better suited for me; I want to transfer to a university further away from home; I want to find the job that's perfect for me.

On the other, I'm terribly indecisive. What I want changes constantly. If it doesn't change, I begin to think it through realistically and realize that it needs some readjustment. And with this in mind, I'm not sure I can say that I plan for the future, more that I dream about what I want it to be and try to to bring myself as close as possible to these dreams. I try to realize what my options actually are and strive for the best outcome possible.

I suppose I can say, then, that I think about the future often, but that I'm not very good at actually planning it out. And because of my constantly trying to keep my plans as realistic as possible, I live in the moment much more than the future; I dream, but I don't dwell.

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