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Today, today.

Today went pretty well. I went to sleep at 4am and then woke up at about 7:30am, stayed up until 11:30-ish and then took a 1-2 hour nap. Anyway, I made plans with a friend that I hang out with on a pretty steady basis and got stood up (mostly my fault, I slept through her getting off work) but I ended up hanging out with two other friends, one of which is currently living in Kansas and decided to pay California a visit. I had a lot of fun, even if we did just sit in front of the mall and talk.

Anyway, I don't have a lot to say, but I don't want to get behind in posting because I really enjoy it. And I might not be making a lot of sense right now (might even end up deleting this later if it's too horrible), but I enjoy posting too much to skip it tonight. I took a sleeping pill a while ago and it's hitting me pretty hard right now. I almost feel drunk.

Shit. Seriously, you should probably just ignore this post altogether. It honestly just took me three time of backspacing and redoing to spell "probably" right. I'm going to bed now.

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