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I know this person who thinks that they're just the best thing since sliced bread...because they blog. "I'm not a writer. I suck at writing. That's why I'm a blogger." And I'm like, wait, what? You can't you decided to blog? And you're the fuckin' cheese because you decided to blog? When you can't write? I'd be proud, too...?

But seriously, this person never shuts up about it. It's like, yawn, "Tehe, sorry. I was up all night blogging. Have you read my blog? Oh, sorry about that, I seem to have dropped my blog. Have you read it? My blog? I blog. I'm a blogger."

I've thought about asking what a blog even is just because it would be hilarious...for a split second. Until they decided to actually explain, because my sarcasm is usually wasted. And then I'd have to listen, and my listening is not often wasted because I'm bad at ignoring.

It's a curse.


  1. I HAVE to know who it is. Is it someone I know? Please say yes.

  2. Is it who I think it is? *Please* let it be who I think it is!

  3. It's someone who's been stepping on our toes for years, lemme tell you.

  4. Years, you say? (Toes, you say?) May I have the first letter as a hint?

  5. Yeeeeah, that's what I thought, hahaha. Leave it to that one.


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