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These are from my creative writing journal, if you were wondering.

Your bodies fit together like you were designed that way, like yin and yang. You felt like two halves of a whole. Your uniting was the solution to a puzzle you were never sure you'd be able to finish. You expected it to sit on your kitchen table forever, mocking you, reminding you of your defeat. You imagined the dog had swallowed the final piece.

But eventually you will adopt different outlooks on life. You'll stumble into a new setting or state of mind and ultimately discover what it is you were looking for, even if you had forgotten you were ever looking - Spring Cleaning, maybe, revealing what it is that was missing. You'll be able to finish what you started and feel the warmth of having done so.

And maybe it won't last forever - that's okay. Puzzles weren't made to. They need to be repackaged and put away, because sometimes you really could use the table space, at least until you find that one that's so impressive that you actually want to go to the trouble of gluing and framing it, of keeping it around for good.

What you'll gain from the initial attempts are worth the trouble, and you should never stop trying.

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