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Today has been fabulous. My mood's improved tenfold, and a few of my friends and I decided to start a group to exercise about four to five times a week, which I'm actually looking forward to. And yeah, I got to see my best friend today, which is just fucking rad, because he's fantastic at making me feel better. Not that I rely on that one person for happiness - thank you to all of my friends who have been talking to me through this depression. I know I got pretty bad, and I'm forever grateful that no one turned around and said fuck it, she's hopeless. Because I felt pretty hopeless, and the fact that you guys didn't think so makes me feel better about myself altogether, even if we all know this will happen again. And even though I was acting like a pretty huge douche to some of you, because I know I was. That's something, and I fucking love you guys. 

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  1. So glad your mood has improved and things are looking up for you! :)


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