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Writer's Block: Little White Lies

Do you think it's okay to tell little lies about small things to avoid hurting someone's feelings? Or is there no such thing as a harmless lie?

I'm definitely one of those people that believes in telling those "little white lies."

Of course, like anything else in this world, there are both good and bad points to that - on the one hand, telling the lie can keep from stirring up a raging storm between friends and family. It can keep things level, stable, it can keep from hurting everyone involved.

On the other hand, if it comes out that you were lying, the problem becomes so much larger than it would have been had you just told the truth. Not to mention the fact that having to keep up maintenance on a lie that has gotten too far out of hand really takes a toll on your life.

Even though I end up getting walked all over most of the time, and I end up having to deal with so much more than I ever wanted to (i.e. maintaining a friendship that I never actually wanted, cough), I'm usually the one telling lies here and there to protect others' feelings.

Sometimes I wish I didn't care about hurting people so damn much. I wish I could just be a bitch like every other girl on the damn planet and tell my (air quotes) friends (/air quotes) that they fucking suck, so I could distance myself from the people I've attached myself to in this world.

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