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I've tried my very best to be a part of this world, only to be shown how worthless the things I've known are - especially my attempts at treading through, and its superficial promises. I don't want this, and I never actually needed any of you. Having any part in it only means living through a constant 97% disappointment. Then that rare 3% of time spent, to trick me into feeling like it may be worth the time, every time I'm ready to give up. A mockery, a way to prove that I'm really stupid enough to have believed that.

No more. I'm done with everyone that didn't take the time to prove I am worth the life I've been living. I deserve that much, of this I am (finally) completely sure.

I hope you have fun being yourselves.

Make something of the life you're living;Or else the people who make it what it is for you are going to keep handing you the leftovers, the crap that everyone else left behind in the scramble.

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