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I hate this memory.

We were playing some Mario game on the Wii. I don't even remember which one anymore, but I remember we were addicted for a few days. Ha, we really were.

Then, you know. Ring. Ring. The phone and all of it's glory.

"Hey, Candyce," I started, "answer that for me, yeah? If they say the have to talk to me, just tell them I'm playing the game."

She picked up the phone. "Hello? -- Uh, she's playing the game. -- ...Oookay." She pulled the phone away from her ear. "It's Allie from school. She wants to talk to you. She says it's important."

I sighed deeply, and, I admit, quite annoyedly. I paused the game and took the phone. "Hello?"



"This is Allie, Allen's girlfriend."

"Oh. Hey, what's up?"

"Did you hear what happened?"

I looked up, realizing Candyce was watching me, waiting to see why the heck Allie had called. She and I met eyes. " Was I supposed to hear something."

She took a breath. "Allen...passed away yesterday."

I think I stopped moving. My heart beat faster, slower, faster, it fucking exploded, I don't fucking know. My voice broke. "What are you talking about?" She didn't say anything. "No, really?"


I put my hand over my mouth and didn't know what to do. I started to cry, and I was shaking like fucking uncontrollably. Candyce stared at me, like wtf? "What?" she was asking, trying to get me out of my shock. "Where's Allen?"

I stared at her, still holding the phone to my ear. I didn't know what the fuck to say. I lipped the words 'dead' to her and listened for what Allie might say next.

"No," Candyce yelled. "No, he's not."

I shook my head, as Allie gave me funeral information. We hung up, and Candyce and I pretty much talked about how much we denied it actually happened. And then we started calling people. Joey, Tammy, Allen's house, fucking answer, somebody, please fucking answer.

They didn't though. No one except Joey, finally. But he wouldn't share anything, until finally. "Just tell me if it's true."

"Yeah. It's true."

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